Monday, June 16, 2008

It's not Procrastination, It's Quality Control

The Minnesota preview will be up sometime tonight, I need to be next to Phil Steele (as with all decisions in life) to really do it justice. Anyway, here's a few Big Ten links to keep you occupied:

Terrelle Pryor - The Six Million Dollar Man, according to Our Honor Defend. If that's all OSU had to pay to get him, they got a bargain. Don't get uptight Buckeyes - I will happily contribute $10 to OSU's slush fund if and when you beat Michigan this year.

Michigan State's Building a New Baseball Stadium. After a donation of $4 million, construction will begin immediately, which means I'll probably make it out to a game or two this April. MSU's greatest attendance for a game this year was 11,000 for an exhibition with the Lansing Lugnuts in Lansing, and if you think that has everything to do with beer sales, then you would be spot on.

DickRod Hosts U-M Women's Football Academy. Note to Steven Threet and Nick Sheridan - when DickRod says the QB competition is wide open, he means it's wide open.

Lastly, Black Heart Gold Pants has stunning video of the floods in Iowa this past week. Having a grandma that used to live in Iowa, it seems surreal to see all these places underwater, and donate whatever you can. However, you might want to save some money to buy football tickets Hawkeye Fans, or else there might be more tragedy.

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