Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welcome all!

Walking to the Union amongst all the downed trees today, I couldn't think of a more appropriate time to this start this blog. A note about the name - I in no way encourage, advocate or condone rioting at MSU. I hate the reputation they bring as much as anyone, and if you're thinking about rioting at MSU sometime in the future, let me know so I can forward your name to the authorities. I came up with the name when I started to post on EDSBS a few months ago, and it's something I thought had a nice ring to it. By the name, I'm not envisioning MSU as a smoking crater in the ground, but rather as a place where, 6-7 Saturdays each fall, turns into a bonanza of football, delicious food, and of course, feats of spectacular alcohol consumption.

I've been a huge MSU sports fan ever since I've started attending Michigan State (dad tried to raise me as a UM fan, it stuck around until high school when I first visited EL). Since then, I've seen MSU's triumphs (2005 Final Four, 2007 NCAA hockey champions, etc.) and its share of less-than-triumphs (the whole John L. era save the first season, riots, etc.) Essentially, there are two things to help you cope with the latter - Popov blue label, and a sense of humor.

Thus, with nothing else really going on right now in my life, I've made a decision to start a blog about MSU athletics. Feel free to comment, praise, and harangue me, for the internet's third chief export, behind pornography and people getting hit in the groin, is anonymous slander.

Anyway, there'll be some real MSU stuff up in the next day or so.


Mike @ BSD said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Good luck.

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