Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Depth Chart is Out

The depth chart is out for the Cal game, and can be seen here (PDF). Some areas of note:

  • The Offensive Line panned out as the coaches expected, with Cironi, Bacon, Nitchman, Martin and Miller starting from left to right along the line. Gantt, also as expected, is the starting TE.
  • Mark Dell and B.J. Cunningham are the starting wideouts, with Blair White and Deon Curry backing them up respectively. Also of note, Freshmen Keshawn Martin and Fred Smith are respectively 3rd and 4th string.
  • Backup running back: A.J. Jimmerson.
  • Dwayne Holmes, Brandon Long, Colin Neely and Trevor Anderson are all listed as starters at Defensive End. This is mainly due to Long and Anderson not quite being 100%.
  • Adam Decker gets the start at Middle Linebacker, The Manimal moves outside.
  • Kendall Davis-Clark moves to Free Safety to cover for Roderick Jenrette, which pushes Otis Wiley to Strong Safety. Chris L. Rucker and Ross Weaver are the starting Cornerbacks.
  • Trying to replace the extremely capable hands of Devin Thomas at Kick Returner are Kendall Davis-Clark and A.J. Jimmerson. Replacing Terry "Fair Catch" Love at Punt Returner is Otis Wiley.

Cal preview coming tomorrow.

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