Monday, September 8, 2008

The Aftermath - EMU

Out of San Fran and into the win column. Here are my thoughts:

  • Ringer looked more like Caulcrick on Saturday than he did himself - five TDs. It could have been seven if it weren't for two fumbles inside the 5. I think that's just an anomaly, and not a sign of things to come. I hope.
  • Joel Foreman looks to be solidifying his case to be the starting left guard. All of the evidence I've seen looks that way, including watching Bacon whiff on a block that led to a sack of Hoyer in the second quarter.
  • Kirk Cousins looks like a good backup QB. Most of the time he handed off, but he was 3-4 including a key 3rd and 3 pass to the TE Gantt for 13 yards.
  • You've probably seen the catch B.J. Cunningham made by now. If not, see it, and prepare for your jaw to drop.
  • I know this is a term that some would never think would apply, but I believe Hoyer is Juice Williams-esque in that if he throws about 20 times, the team is in good shape (see - this game, PSU last year). If he starts to double that...uh oh.
  • MSU has a punt returner! Wiley flashed some moves out there, let's see if he can do it against a tougher opponent in FAU this week.
  • The Cal penalty problems look to be a hiccup, three penalties for 25 yards this week.
  • Two of the three leading tacklers this week were in the front 7; Justin Kershaw and Eric Gordon combined to have 11 tackles, 2.5 tackles for a loss, and a sack. It's always good when the secondary isn't making most of the tackles.
That's about all the recap this game deserves. Florida Atlantic will be a tougher game, but MSU's still a two touchdown favorite. Look for a Big Ten Roundtable and an FAU preview by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.


kj (spartans weblog) said...

What's your take on the secondary at this point? Looks to me like there's still a tendency to give up too many big plays (I couldn't understand why EMU didn't throw downfield more often). Which is part of the reason I wonder whether this team can really hope to win Big Ten games by playing it conservatively on offense.

Spartan Sports Page said...

The loss of Jenrette and Davis-Clark definitely had an impact on the secondary. That's why we need the D-Line to put more pressure on the QB.

Mark in Chicago said...

I missed the Cunningham catch and couldn't find it on Youtube. Any guesses where I might be able to check it out?