Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What else happened?

College football games. There are a lot of them, and let's be honest - sometimes, you can't catch them all, because of falling into a drunken stupor before five your lack of televisions. Thus, I've decided to start a new feature called "What else happened?", in which I rattle off a few of the other games I saw during the weekend. Here we go:

East Carolina 27, Virginia Tech 22
This game came down to Special Teams, with two strange events: One, Virginia Tech blocks an ECU extra point, and runs it back for two points. Two, East Carolina took the Master Sword to VaTech's special teams magic and reflected it back at them, blocking a punt with about two minutes left and running it in for a touchdown. Thing to take away from this game - Tyrod Taylor needs to play now, as Tech's offense isn't getting it done.

The Master Sword: Works on Octaroks, magic, and special teams.

Utah 25, Michigan 23
I knew Michigan's offense was going to be ugly, but I didn't expect it to be Elephant Man ugly. UM only scored if it started from within Utah territory, and sustained no drive longer than 7 plays. The good news for Michigan: it looks as if this Barwis thing has legs, Michigan was clearly the better conditioned team in the second half; Utah's longest drive was 14 yards. The bad news: All the conditioning in the world can't make a team execute on offense. Thing to take away from this game: All the undersized running backs in the world can't help you if the OL can't block for them: Michigan's YPC minus the 21-yard carry by Minor was an emasculating 0.4.

Missouri 52, Illinois 42
I didn't catch much of this game, but I watched enough of it to know the outcome was never seriously in doubt. Missouri laid the Illini out like a frog in a high school biology class, dissecting them for 549 total yards of offense. That's what happens when you allow J Leman to graduate. Thing to take away from this game: Juice Williams might actually be legit, as he threw for 451 yards, 5 TDs to only two picks. Caveat: Missouri defense might be awful this year.

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