Monday, September 15, 2008

FAU - The Aftermath

That was fun. Let's take a look at what stood out:
  • Javon Ringer had a career day, which typically happens if you carry the ball 43 times. He picked up 283 yards, which means he averaged (283/43....) about 6.6 yards a carry. Welcome back, Javon.
  • Any criticism of the passing game this week is postponed until next week due to heavy rain.
  • Ditto any praise for the secondary, due to the aforementioned reason. Wiley is clearly the best part still, and Ross Weaver and Chris L. Rucker did have a few good pass breakups, especially Weaver, whose break-up of a Rusty Smith pass most likely prevented a touchdown in the second quarter.
  • From what I've heard, B.J. Cunningham will be alright after having his leg twisted underneath him in the 1st half. Yay no injuries.
  • I know it was wet, but did the ball need to go through Hoyer's hands that many times? Yikes.
  • With the exception of the one fumbled snap, Aaron Bates did an admirable job, averaging 40 yards per punt in the game.
  • Brett Swenson was all you could ask for from a kicker - 2-2 on XPs, 1-1 on a field goal from 22 yards out.
  • Finally, unless you were in the East Lansing/Central to West Michigan area on Saturday, it's hard to convey just how much it rained. Unlike the MSU/ND game in 2006, this was a steady, hard rain that lasted all game, and made any sustained air attack impossible.
That's all I've got about this game. I wasn't able to watch it live because of a wedding, which is thankfully the only one I'll have to go to this season. Up next, Notre Dame, coming off a 35-17 victory over Michigan, in which if you can ever say a team "scavenged" their way to a victory, that game would be a prime example of that.


witless chum said...

One thing I loved was Coach D grap-the-facemask-boy-you're-gonna-run-until-your-kids-puke ripping into Brendan Moss on the sideline for his late personal foul.

I don't think he'll do that again. It's like a neat encapsulation of what was missing from John L. Smith.

I really don't understand the 'oh my god Hoyer must be benched' squad infesting the green and white intertubes. He's a decent Big 10 QB who doesn't turn the ball over much and is usually okay when he isn't using his gills. MSU's game is kinda predicated on only needing this kind of Craig Krenzel QBing, with the pound the run and play defense philosophy. Screaming about it won't turn Hoyer into Jeff Smoker or Drew Stanton and don't see how anyone could think he's been bad enough that turning to an untested redshirt freshman makes sense.

DP99 said...

I have no doubt that Hoyer is the most viable QB available, and I have no doubt he is better than what the last 4 games, going back to the bowl game, indicate.

BTW on the Dantonio comment: how is on the sideline when you watch in person? I'm in the west coast and can only see the boys on TV, and it seems that every time they cut to Dantonio, he is staring blankly without saying a word. Somehow he doesn't seem as lively on the sideline as he does in interviews (at least on TV) and what I imagine in recruiting.