Monday, September 22, 2008

Life Getting in the Way...

Assignments, Homework, Laundry, blah blah blah. I'll have a post up about the ND game later today. As for now, let's see how the Notre Dame blogs are taking the loss:

Blue-Gray Sky has a well-reasoned rundown.

Her Loyal Sons attempts to calm the Notre Dame fanbase.

Three Guys in a Basement tries to cope with the fact that Notre Dame had no rushing attack.

My thoughts a bit later. For now, enjoy this picture of Hispanic Sparty:


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what Hispanic Sparty was dressed up for? The ESPN announcers never talked about it. I'm going to assume they had no idea what was going on. Did they announce something at the game?

DP99 said...

Yeah, what the hell was up with Mexi-Sparty? Please explain this to me. I hope there was a good reason because from TV, 2000 miles away, it looked weird and kind of dumb. Not to mention it was the kind of thing that gets some minority action groups riled up. I just want my Sparty to be Sparty, dang it!

witless chum said...

I think he was Spanish Sparty, possible as some sort of Monty Python reference.

Yes, I got nothing.

G0EL Pete said...

I think Sparty dressed up was in part to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which for some reason starts in the middle of September.

I, however, have no problem with Sparty dressing up from time to time. It's all in fun, and there are definitely some people in the Phalanx Forum who need perspective in their lives (case in point, this gem of a comment: "I have been attending MSU games for a long time. I have never been so angry.")

DP99 said...

I know it was all in good fun and well enough intended, but whenever you dress up your goofy mascot (note: all mascots are goofy) in stereotyped accoutrements of other peoples, it comes out looking like mockery. I am classifying that one as a failure. New campaign from this alumn: Keep Sparty Sparty (on national telecast games)!

kj (spartansweblog) said...

Sparty acted out a sketch with a guy wearing a Notre Dame outfit, in which Sparty acted as a bull fighter and tricked the Notre Dame guy into running into a box of Lucky Charms.

Or something like that. I wasn't paying attention to the whole thing.

Regardless, the outfit was bizarre.

witless chum said...

Bad cell phone video of said bullfight.

I think the guy took it while clapping.